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4 deluxe rooms in the two-story connecting villas.

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Simple yet comfortable bamboo cottages offering guests the chance to experience the truly eco-friendly lifestyle amid WareeRaksa’s natural surroundings.

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Spacious suites in each floor of the two-story southern Thai style house with separate entrances.

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Half Day Wareerak Hot Spring Spa (Kinaree Rueng Ra)
Half Day Wareerak Hot Spring Spa (Kinaree Rueng Ra)
Β 2,000per person

Half day Spa Program : Kinnaree Rueng Ra Enjoy the Waree Raksa Hydrotherapy experience for half a day amid an exotic tropical gardern.

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Full Day Wareerak Hot Spring Spa (Kinnaree Long Song)
Full Day Wareerak Hot Spring Spa (Kinnaree Long Song)
Β 2,800per person

Full Day Spa Program : KINNAREE LONG SONG Our award-winning day spa program provides guests with full day of a peaceful getaway to rejuvenate and relax in our mineral hot springs.

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Β 3,200per person


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Β 600per person

ANODARD ONSEN A Japanese-inspired hot spring bathing experience in beautiful natural surrounding where guests are free to enjoy the hot springs at their own pace without spa treatments.

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A Thai hot spring destination spa located in Khlong Tom district in Krabi. We provide day spa services as well as destination spa programs using our fresh mineral hot spring to cure and promote good health. The signature treatment incorporates the science of hydrotherapy together with self-exercises in the water. The Spa is located in lush tropical landscape of over 10 acre, with a large area dedicated to fruit orchards, and botenical garden which is also designed to provide therapeutic benefits.

Vision is to be the “Creator of good health through water”


To be a leading destination hot spring Spa in Asean that promotes holistic wellness through mineral hot springs and the arts and science of hydrotherapy. Wareerak strives to offer unique Thai spa experiences and healthy vacation retreats for our guests in order to generate sustainable growth to our company, staff and community.

Our water had been tested by the Department of Science Service and Lobor Romeis Bad Kissengenof Germany. The result can be concluded that:
The water from Wareerak hot spring is considerd “Geothermal Miniral Water”, meet thequalification standard of Germann Spa Association and Germang Tourist Association to be classify as THERME bath for spa and resorts.

The water is low in sodium and chloride. The low salt level of the water is ideal for those with salt restricted diet.The “Natural Mineral Water” grade level meets the qualifications and standards of GERMAN MINERAL, SPRING and TABLEWATER and GENERAL ADMINISTRATION. The water from the hot spring has NUTRITIONAL PHYSIOLOGICAL AND BALNEOLOGICAL value. It is a clear mineral water with no sulfur odor with the ground temperature of 42 – 43 C and PH 6.9, making it an ideal condition for bathing and hydrotherapy.
The benefits from the mineral content found in the water together with the water temperature and herbal properties used in our programs makes Wareerak a perfect place for hydrotherapy.

Our holistic wellness approach are achieved through 6 main therapeutic activities : Hydrotherapy, Nature Therapy, Nutritional Therapy, Phyto Therapy, Sound Therapy and Therapeutic Exercises.


The science of hydrotherapy originated from the West, the tried and tested methods of bathing in different temperature of water for health benefit are an accepted practice in modern spa therapy, however very few spas apply this practice in Thailand. At Wareerak, we integrate the principal of hydrotherapy by designing our different temperature pools together with the Thai spa culture to offer a unique spa experience. Switching between hot and cool pools is considered a good exercise for the overall body systems, such as nervous system, blood circulation and respiratory system,and stimulate the temperature regulatory system in the body. This cell-level exercise revitalizes and energizes the body as well as improves the immune system and can relieve pain and sickness

Nature Therapy

With good air & water, Wareerak offer a perfect retreat . The property is surrounded by large areas of greenery. Our garden are colourful and provides a relaxing sanctuary for our guests.

Therapeutic Exercises

Wareerak Hot spring Spa offers our own adaptation of Thai Yoga “Rue Si Dat Ton” as part of the hydrotherapy program in our hot spring pools. The movements are taken from the 15 Rue Si Dat Ton poses certified by the board of Thai Medicine for meditation practices, body stretches, and self massages to promote blood circulations. These exercises provides various health benefits and makes the hydrotherapy experience more enjoyable.


The use of herbal medicine to promote health’s. We grow our own herbs in the resort and use for in our food,herbal drinks, and some spa treatments. Herbal essential oils are also used throughout our resort.

Nutritional Therapy.

Our food menu has been carefully designed for maximum health benefits. We offer southern thai cuisines with organic ingredients, as well as fresh juices.

Sound Therapy

Aside from the soothing sound of nature, we pay attention to the music played in the resort and also offer healing sound or singing bowl ritual for our evening relaxation program.

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