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Our Hot Springs

Our hot springs in Krabi is a destination spa located in Khlong Tom district in Krabi. We provide day spa services as well as destination spa programs using our fresh mineral hot spring to cure and promote good health. The signature treatment incorporates the science of hydrotherapy together with self-exercises in the water. The Spa is located in lush tropical landscape of over 10 acre, with a large area dedicated to fruit orchards, and botanical garden which is also designed to provide therapeutic benefits.

Natural Medicinal Water

Wareerak consists of 5 hot spring sources scattered around our property with temperature ranges from 42 to 54 degrees. The water was tested by one of the world’s top laboratory, Institute Fresenius in Germany in 2017, and was certified to meet the German standards for the “Natural Medicinal Water”, a “FLUORIDE CONTAINING CALCIUM SULPHATE BICARBONATE THERMAL WATER”.

Good for Skin and Drinkable

The water is clear with no significant smell or taste and has a neutral PH Value of 7 making our water good and gentle on our skin as well as drinkable.

Good Natural Protection Against Artificial Pollution

Our water is considered as “Old” water that comes deep from underground with good natural protection from recent rain event of approximately the last 40 years. The Tritrium Analysis which indicates ‘new water’ (age <40 years), was not detected in our water. Meaning that the water is likely to be more than 40 years old which is a sign for good natural protection of our spring.


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